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Are your products produced locally?

Yes, the beef is raised right here on our farms in Robertson County while the pork and chicken are sourced locally from other local farmers. Salmon is shipped in from Alaska where it is sustainable caught and not farmed.

Where are you located?

We are located in the heart of Middle Tennessee; Robertson County.  Zach was raised right here in Robertson County while Lyndi was born here and raised just across the state line in Kentucky.  Lyndi joined Zach in 2018 bringing her 15+ years of horse and cattle ranching experiences along with her managerial expertise. 

Can we shop at your local storefront?

Absolutely!  We’d love to have you visit us in store.  Our storefront is located at 3610 Kelton Jackson Rd Springfield, TN 37172.  You’ll find a variety of beef, pork, lamb, salmon and chicken products.  Don’t forget our Russellville store location as well; 553 Cherry St Russellville, KY 42276; inside Tina’s Treasures and Consignment. 

Do you use steroids, antibiotics, vaccines, or hormones?

Our products do NOT contain any of those things.  All our products are raised naturally; grass and/or grain finished.  The meat we sell is always 100% antibiotic free.  We administer therapeutic antibiotics to animals on the ranch if they are needed for life saving situations or illness, but those animals are “red tagged” and pulled from our meat program. Animals given antibiotics in their lifetime are perfectly safe to eat after the standard withdrawl period - but we choose to have a clear designation for our customers that all meat sold from ZK Ranches is 100% free of any lifetime antibiotics, steroids and/or hormones.

Do you harvest and process the beef yourself?

We do.  In 2020 we located our processing facility here in Springfield, Tennessee. Then in 2023, we opened our own harvesting facility located in Orlinda, Tennessee.  We are invested in making sure every stage of the process of raising and harvesting our cattle is done thoughtfully and with the utmost care to the well being of the cow. Our harvesting or slaughtering process is done under USDA inspection right here on the ranch. Ensuring the cattle experience the least amount of stress and are slaughtered in the most humane way is top priority for ZK Ranches. While this is obviously important because it’s the right thing to do, it can also affect the quality of the meat (stress before harvest is not good for quality) so it’s important to everyone involved that cattle are harvested humanely every single time.

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    1.    As a small family ranch, we vigorously care for each of our animals. 

We believe in selling only the finest meat, and the finest meat comes from animals and land that are well cared for. Our cattle, live on our green pastures rich in minerals experiencing pristine Middle Tennessee sunshine and air.


    2.    We raise our animals with care and attention. You will taste the difference. 

Our meat is never treated with antibiotics or hormones. Our beef is finished either on pasture grasses & forages or finished on non GMO corn. We like to give consumers a choice in their nutrition. You can experience the difference in the taste of our beef because of the extra effort we make to ensure the health and ethical standard of our pasture raised, grass and grain finished meat. 


    3.    Our meat is processed, butchered, and dry-aged to ensure the highest ethical standard and premium flavor and tenderness. 

We raise our animals with your family and your dinner table in mind. We take extra steps and go the extra mile to provide the highest level of care and diligence. Our beef is harvested right on the ranch under USDA inspection. Our beef cuts are all dry-aged for tenderness and flavor you won't find many places other than the premier steakhouses.


    4.    When you buy from us, you become part of our story.

Not only do we strive to bring the finest meat to your table, we want you to know the real story behind it, too.  You should know just where your food comes from and TRUST your rancher. We share our story, our days, and our ranching methods transparently everyday on social media, our website, and talking directly to our customers.

Find us on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok (@zkranches), and come along on our journey so you can see more than a glimpse into life at ZK Ranches in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Additionally, our local stores and impeccable staff are only a call away, willing to help with any needs or questions you might have while doing business with us. (615.991.1262)

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